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Aquaterra Maps can create the map that you need.

 We create functional, spatially accurate and visually appealing maps in digital and printed formats. With experience in Cartography, Geographic Information Systems and Graphic Design we we are able to handle all aspects of a map design project from the initial consultation with a client to delivery of the final product.

Aquaterra Maps can create a map of a custom geographic coverage area or integrate a custom map into an existing graphic design project.

Although Aquaterra Maps can produce various custom maps, we specialize in the following types listed below.

Put your company on the Map!

Folded Maps

Is your business looking for unique promotional products that your customers will keep and use for years? A custom map is the answer.

We can produce detailed, accurate and attractive maps of anywhere in Ontario. The map can cover your area of choice and clearly show your business locations. With an attractive cover design showing your logo and business information you can provide your customers with a memorable gift that they will use for years.

Brochure & Pamphlet Maps

Do you need a custom designed map for a brochure or pamphlet? We have extensive experience producing unique and eye-catching brochure, pamphlet and “mini-map” designs.

Although mapping is our main focus, we are trained in graphic design and have many years of experience com- pleting non-mapping related design projects. Therefore, we have the advantage of being able to take care of all aspects of your project. We will work with you to develop a creative design and incorporate a useful and custom designed map that meets your needs.

Custom Wall Maps

If one of Aquaterra Maps’ Map Products is not what you are searching for, it is possible for us to design a custom wall map at the size you require. Custom wall maps can be print- ed on a long list of substrates which include, paper, vinyl, canvas, cloth, foamboard, wood plaking, aluminum, and many more.

We are experienced at pulling data together from various sources, making sure the data is up to date and displaying it in a concise and appealing manner.

Although we can produce maps for just about anywhere, our primary focus for custom maps is within central Ontario’s Cottage Country.

Prices will vary depending on the specifics of the project and may be considerably higher than the base price for complex projects.