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Discover Cottage Country

Aquaterra Maps creates, prints and sells maps of Ontario’s Cottage Country.  These maps provide a detailed and stunning overview of many of the various geographic regions throughout Cottage Country.  The maps can be viewed below and purchased at many retail locations or online through our website.

Where is Cottage Country?

Cottage Country in Ontario is generally located to the north of the major urban centres of southern Ontario and stretches from Georgian Bay in the west to the Ottawa area in the east and northward to Lake Nipissing. The beautiful lake dotted landscape, created through millions of years of glacial scouring, is a vacation home and waterfront resort paradise.  Although the term ‘Cottage Country’ primarily referred to the Muskoka area, the term is now used to also describe the Kawarthas, Haliburton, Northern Simcoe County, The District of Parry Sound and other areas defined by access to abundant freshwater lakes and rivers.

Regional Maps

The Aquaterra Regional Wall Maps are available for purchase in several printed formats including paper, laminated or plak-mounted.  These maps present a wealth of geographic information about the area you live in or are visiting.  Each of them is designed to be used as a reference item that functions as a beautiful wall hanging in your home, cottage, boathouse or office.  These maps are a true conversation piece, providing you (and any of your visitors) a detailed overview of where in Cottage Country you are located and how the surrounding landscape is connected.

Our Extra Large Cottage Country Wall Maps are available in a wide variety of substrates including vinyl, cloth, foamboard, aluminum panel, wrapped canvas or flush-mount.  If you are interested in a finishing option not listed here, please contact us to determine if your preferred finish is available.

The Muskoka Lakes Boating Chart

The Muskoka Lakes Boating Chart provides the boater with unparalleled navigational information for Lakes Muskoka, Rosseau and Joseph.

Also Available at select retail locations throughout Cottage Country